Zero Tension: Wrapping Smaller Part of Door Handle with Vinyl Wrap Film


When wrapping a door handle with vinyl wrap film, it is easier to deal with the longer side, because basically, all you need is to hook and pull. Even if you pull very hard, the percentage of stretch will fade back down to about four percent, as the part is long, so it is like a buffer.


However, it is trickier to wrap the smaller part of the handle. Although it is smaller to wrap, the vinyl wrap film tends to be easily overstretched there. This problem happens when you try to pull the material the same way as you do to the longer part of the handle. The tension will not be able to fade out as it is short.


The proper way to avoid overstretching on the smaller part of the handle is to make good use of the cold pre-stretch technique and relief cuts. This combination can help you minimize the tension on the vinyl wrap film as you wrap.


When wrapping, you can hook the material on the smaller side as you do to the longer one. But do not pull as you do to the other side. Just giving the material a few shakes, and create glass with minimum tension at the top of the handle, then squeegee the material down with your finger.


Now it is all about avoiding the tension from building back up at the front, where you hook. Relief cut is a great help. Make 45-degree angle cuts towards the longer side both at the top and bottom of the handle.


And use triangle technique to pull (again, lightly) on the upper section, and shift the tension towards the back. Use the squeegee to glide the material in and even out the wrinkles as you at the same time. This way will even out the tension rather than let it build up at one point. Do the same to the bottom section as soon as the upper one is done.


Up until now, there is minimum tension at the corner. And you can give the material a light heat. The heat will not only relax the material but also make it shrink back nicely. Wait until the vinyl wrap film cools down, you can then cut away the excess material.


By using this method, there is no tension. And you will be able to achieve a result of high-quality and long durability.

Zero Tension: Wrapping Smaller Part of Door Handle with Vinyl Wrap Film