Should You Remove the Antenna All the Time When Wrapping Roof?


When wrapping a roof with antenna, many wrappers would choose to take the antenna off to wrap better with the vinyl wrap film, although there are already lots of great methods to wrap the roof with the antenna on.

It might seem to make your install much smoother and easier without the antenna. But in some instances, it is better to have the antenna stayed. While there are other times where taking off the antenna is the best option.

Whether to take it off or not is up to the difficulty of getting access to the antenna. Taking off the antenna at all hazards might actually damage the car.

For a normal sedan, it is best to leave the antenna on when wrapping the roof with vinyl wrap film, as it is tricky to get to the antenna, which will take you a lot of the time.

More importantly, as you try to get access to the bolt, you would have to pull off the roof liner from the backseat, which is not a good position to do a task like this.


Thus, you might accidentally make harms like bending the roof liner. To perfectly achieve this, it will undoubtedly take you a tremendous amount of time, as the risk of damaging the car is always there.

With this kind of risk, it is much better to wrap the roof with the antenna on. There are many good techniques to wrap the roof around the antenna after all (You can refer to one of the previous articles No Risk Wrapping Around Antenna with Vinyl Wrap Film if it needs).

Except for this, there are situations where you can easily get access to the antenna, which means it is good to take the antenna off – After all, why not when you can easily do it? This is when you are wrapping a hatchback or commercial vehicle.

For a hatchback, you can easily reach the bolt for the antenna if you open up the back. While for a commercial vehicle, the antenna is usually at the front of the roof, where you can get to the bolt easily inside the car. The best thing about these two cases is that there is no risk you will break anything.

Thus, it is not the best solution for all vehicles to remove the antenna when you have to wrap the roof with vinyl wrap film. Make sure you know your car, and know what you are doing. Sometimes leaving the antenna on will save you from troubles. Happy wrapping!

Should You Remove the Antenna All the Time When Wrapping Roof?