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Bart Molemans INSIGNITY, Belgium

We love Teckwrap! The special gloss of the foil is unique.
The many colors always convince our customers. Fine processing and durability. Keep on going!

Kainy Rufenacht LHDK Customs Sàrl, Switzerland

We love working with Teckwrap, the films are of very good quality with lots of beautiful colors. The after sales service is fantastic. Our customers are very satisfied with the shine of the films.

Corey England Wrap Capital, UK

We have been using TeckWrap for 3 years now and have never had a problem... understand and work with the material correctly and it’ll love you. The colours are great, the finish is truly premium and always surpasses expectations, both from the customer and installer. Customer service is second to none, and we have never experienced such great sales support from any other brand of vinyl.

Justin Pate The Wrap Institute, US

The Wrap Institute has made 10 product videos for TeckWrap.  Its been great to see them develop their product line over the years to make it easier to install and offer a wide variety of interesting colors and finishes.

Tadashi Kariya Design Lab. Inc.,Japan

I use TeckWrap for race cars wrappings. TeckWrap has really nice deep colors and I specially recommend Gloss Vinyl Series.TeckWrap surface is very strong against scratches and hard to get dirty compare to other brands. Once you know how to handle TeckWrap vinyl, its very good. It’s important that you learn how to install TeckWrap.

Spiller Pierre BREIT "N" BLECH Wrapping, Germany

We have been working with TeckWrap products for quite some time and we are very satisfied. The foils can be processed very well and removed again. The color selection is great, and we look forward to continuing to work well together with TeckWrap and also on new colors!

Mark Unland Inked Vinyl, US

We’ve been using the product for awhile now and we are very happy with the product. We have added it to our color choice in the office for our clients. Even added the color sample wall.

Austin Vikdal Sterlings Customs, US

We were probably the first ones to bring TeckWrap to Colorado with the stunning colors they offer. Then everyone in Colorado starting offering their colors! We love the film, it's a very easy film to work with and the customer service is on point. They're always there to help.

Dan Roache S6wraps, UK

We use TeckWrap very often at S6 Wraps, the material is very nice to use, conforms well and we have had no failings with it at all, the range of colours are amazing, they stand out like no other vinyl brand. We highly recommend !

Tim Bettis Wrapcision, US

I have been wrapping for 18 years and have used almost every wrap film that is out there. I had a customer who really wanted to use True Blood on their BMW M3 so I ordered a roll. We were amazed at how well the film worked for us. It installed very easily and had an amazing rich finish. I have received more compliments on this car than any other car I have wrapped. I will definitely be using it again!

Andreas WrapZone, Sweden

Had the opportunity to test some stuff from TeckWrap, must say that it lays pretty nice and they have some cool colors, this is a shop car so it will be interesting to follow.

Damien Nguyen Nguyen teint, France

I have been working with teckwrap for years, and I am pleased. The quality has improved over the years, and the team is attentive to its customers. For me, it is one of the best films on the market, an unequalled brilliance. And durability that no longer needs to be proven, and my customers are delighted.

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