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Wrap at the hand of experts

TeckWrap offers high quality products at affordable prices. As a result, the TeckWrap brand is synonymous with quality and affordability. We are excited to offer endless possibilities in creating fancy and stylish designs with all colors and textures.
Wrap at the hand of experts

Our distribution network

TeckWrap has been offering high quality products and services at affordable prices since it started. With over 150 products to choose from, you can rest assured that TeckWrap will help you achieve the highest level of profit with our Dealership Program.
Our distribution network

Why TeckWrap?

3D Carbon Fiber
  • Cost-effective

    Decreases costs for artists, wrap professionals & specialists without compromising quality. We lead the industry when it comes to fancy and stylish wrapping materials.

  • High flexibility

    High flexible and stretchable vinyl wrapping film with great conformability. Designed to wrap perfectly simple and curved surfaces

  • Application

    Smooth application and comfortable wrapping. Make creative wraps with our high-tech polymeric vinyl wrapping film

  • Protection

    Teckwrap Films provides a long lasting benefit and protection to a vehicle, not just a superb look. Teckwrap film does not fade, chip, crack or peel. Wrap is waterproof; UV protected.

  • Great Conformability without deterioration

    Great Conformability without deterioration

    TeckWrap films are superior to any other budget film in terms of applied performance. It has outstanding features for calendared and hybrid material in terms of conformability. Thus our products ensure perfect finish.

    Great Conformability without deterioration
  • Amazing Stretch to Wrap arrogant edges

    Amazing Stretch to Wrap arrogant edges

    Our vinyl is very stretchable. Compound curves and recesses can be wrapped easily. And with prestretching and post heating methods of application, film is stable and durable for years.

    Amazing Stretch to Wrap arrogant edges
  • Adhesive Non Residual Safe Glue

    Adhesive Non Residual Safe Glue

    We use Henkel solvent-based acrylic glue in latest series. It is save for vehicle and doesn’t leave residue if film is uninstalled in recommended exploitation period. It has strong initial tack with average performance of slideability and repositionabilty but ensures strong adhesion of film in 24hours. Despite of initial tack film can be smoothly reapplied without tearing.

    Adhesive Non Residual Safe Glue

Don't just take our word for it...

Had the opportunity to test some stuff from TeckWrap, mus say that it lays pretty nice and they have some cool colors, this is a shop car so it will be interesting to follow.
TeckWrap performed quite good. It will definetely find customers. I already noticed that many famous wrappers are using TeckWrap. Today if price and quality is compared, TeckWrap is number one
The colours that TeckWrap manufactures, are very unique. Opening up whole new colour choices for end users to choose from. Providing quality vinyl films at affordable prices.
Film is a little bit tacky and not easier to stretch but it conforms nice. Stretches really nice cold all the way, no problem. So its really easy to work with.
Installs much easier then I was expecting. The air release needs work still for sure, but it's sufficient for the most part. The tackyness was alright, because it's just a touch more aggressive then Hexis to me. Vertical installation is fairly easy because you don't deal with the initial tack in as big of sections as a horizontal install.
So far I must say we are very impressed. Much better vinyl than we were expecting.

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