Perfect Cutout on Recessed Area in Front Bumper


When wrapping a front bumper with a deep recessed area with vinyl wrap film, for instance, a vent, it is always challenging to make a cutout as you bridge the material over the area, as there are risks like cutting out a piece that turns out to be too big. And it is usually quite hard to fix if it happens. You might just have to re-do the whole bumper, which is frustrating.


But here is a perfect solution for you to avoid that. All you need to do is to do some measurement beforehand. Start measuring from the outside bodyline, and work toward the inside of the area, where the vent ends. Repeat the same process until you get a precise measurement from each of the four corners.


When you do this, you can make notes about the measurement—for example, the depth of each side. And when you apply the material onto the surface, bridging it over this area, you can mark out the specific points on the vinyl wrap film.


As soon as you finish marking, you can connect all those points, where you will draw up an enclosed shape. Once you have done this, you can make your cutout following this line you draw. An enclosed cut is much more helpful in this type of recessed area.


By following the steps mentioned above, you will be able to make an exact cutout. Then it is all about taking your time and working the vinyl wrap film into the area as you normally do with recessed area:


Feeding the material in, shift out tension, make relief cut, relax the film, seal it, and cut out the excess. You will then have a perfectly wrapped section. Enjoy the process and happy wrapping!

Perfect Cutout on Recessed Area in Front Bumper