Automotive Market in Portugal

The automotive market is a critical economic driver in Portugal that employs 152,000 people. Over 32,200 companies are involved in the manufacture of automobiles and components, which generates a business volume of 33.7 billion euros.

Nearly 8.5% value of Portugal’s industry is made by the automotive sector, which contributes 2.1% to the production of the Portuguese economy. In 2023, the country’s auto market reached a total of 199,572, marking an increase of 27.7% in year-to-year sales.

Notably, 11% of Portugal’s total exports are from this sector, as the country is home to more than 220 automotive supplier companies and four major car manufacturers: Toyota/Salvador Caetano, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Mitsubishi Trucks, and Volkswagen AutoEuropa.

Popular Car Brands
According to statistics, Peugeot was the best-seller in 2023, leading the market with 20,698 sales, followed by Renault with 16,100 registrations, and Mercedes being the third, with 14,812 units sold.

Auto Shows in Portugal
There are several significant auto shows in Portugal, including:
   Expomecânica: An automotive trade show that takes place in Porto. The event is scheduled to be held from November 8 to 10, 2024.
   AutoClássico: One international classic and vintage automobile and motorcycle exhibition.
   Motorshow Porto: This motor show, which also takes place in Porto, showcases cars, motorcycles, and accessories.
   Expotransporte Batalha: This trade fair is held in Batalha every two years, showcasing heavy goods, passenger vehicles, accessories, and off-road equipment.

These events bring excellent opportunities for automotive companies to present their latest productions and for car fanatics to keep up with the latest trends in the industry.

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