Wrap license plate area with chrome vinyl

Chrome vinyl wrap film can be tricky to deal with if you do not handle it properly. It is much thicker than other types of vinyl wrap film and stiffer. One step went wrong, and the material can be whitened or damaged.


Here is a case of how to wrap a wide and mellow license plate area with a chrome vinyl wrap film:


Like every install, clean the surface thoroughly before the application. And you can apply the film to the surface as usual. Then, make sure you wear an application glove that is put on with soap and water, as you will use your hand to glide through the material a lot.


Before actually working on the chrome film, use your heat gun to circle around the material and heat it up to a high temperature. Then, use your hand to glide through the surface.


Bridge the material farther away from the corner than normal vinyl wrap film, as a chrome film is twice thicker than them. As a chrome film is stiffer than usual films, you should start from the deepest part of the recessed area in the section, from a farther distance, though.


By now, you can work around the material as usual. But it is critical that you handle the film with one hand, while the other hand holding the heat gun at a safe distance to warm it up constantly, even though it is already hot.


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By constantly keeping it at a high temperature, you can handle it more easily, considering its thickness. More importantly, if a chrome vinyl wrap film is cold, it tends to leave adhesive marks as you wrap. Thus, the heat can keep you from that kind of frustration.


Form the material evenly and adequately. You have to make sure you do not make one mistake here because chrome film is pretty sensitive. Otherwise, you might have to re-do everything.


When you reach the deepest part of the recessed area, remember to wrap it efficiently. And do not give chances to the adhesive to leave marks there – Although you should still be warming the film up with your heat gun.


With these tips, you should be able to wrap up a license plate area with chrome film perfectly and safely. Learn more about wrapping at teckwrap.com

Wrap license plate area with chrome vinyl