Wrapping gap between two doors in one piece of vinyl

Recessed area is always a challenge for vinyl film wrapping. Wrapping the gap between the front door and back door is a significant example of that, as the angle is mostly very steep, usually a 90-degree angle turn. And the vinyl wrap film tends to wrinkle in this area a lot.


The best-looking finish is always the one seamlessly wrapped with one piece of vinyl wrap film. But for a section like this gap between the front and back door, you need to approach properly to get the best result.


First, as you reach the gap between the two doors, make a relief cut at a 45-degree angle away at the top of the material. Then, start from the corners as you work from top to bottom. In other words, handle the trickiest areas first, where the vinyl wrap film tends to have the most tension.


Apply heat to the vinyl wrap film to soften it as you hold it with your free hand. Then, use the hard part of your squeegee to slide the material to the base of the gap along its side, where the turn (corner) is. And there should be no wrinkle on the side by working in this way.


(If this car you are wrapping has a side molding in the middle, this is where you should handle this part in the same way next – Again, get all the tricky areas wrapped first before others.)


By focusing on the areas with the most tension, it becomes smooth for you to wrap the rest of the section. By now, there is no wrinkle on the side of the gap. But there are quite a few gathering at the base, though.


Thus, you are going to start from the top again. Apply light heat to soften the material as you hold the film away. The vinyl should be already wrapped around the side of the gap at this point. And you can push your squeegee into the base.  Make it parallel to the side and glide the material out from one edge towards the other side.


Use your finger to flatten out the material at the base in the meantime, while your free hand is pulling the material firmly. Take your time and work incrementally until the whole area is properly wrapped. Then, use your finger to go over the entire gap again and secure it.


Last but not least, all your need is to cut away the excess material. Use your free hand to pull so that your cut can stay stable and clean. Once you finish, do not forget to use your heat gun to post-heat the area. And now you have a perfectly covered gap between the two doors.


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Wrapping gap between two doors in one piece of vinyl