Wrap Jeep grill in one piece of vinyl wrap film

A Jeep grill is kind of challenging to wrap, as it takes a significant amount of time to wrap well, and it is easy to overstretch the vinyl wrap film during the application, especially when you get to those steep angles.


However, if you can handle the material correctly, the quality and durability can be auspicious.


To wrap the front grill of a Jeep, you need to first take it off and put it on a clean working table. Clean it thoroughly beforehand, and remove the emblems on it with a plastic removal tool.


Mostly, Jeep grills are made of plastic, which means the surface energy is low. So before applying the vinyl wrap film to the section, it is good to put a light coat of adhesive promoter on the edge of the deep recessed areas.


As soon as the preparation is done, put the vinyl wrap film onto the grill straight away. Use your squeegee to squeegee it down to the flat surface first, and finish wrapping those areas for now.


When you get to the enclosed recessed area, make a tiny relief cut right in the middle, which should not be too closed to the top nor the bottom. Otherwise, the material might stretch and split.


Put your application glove on, and spread soap and water on it. Take your heat gun in hand and warm the vinyl wrap film, which can soften the material and help you form it more easily.


In most cases, the angle of those enclosed area at the bottom is not as steep as it is at the top. Thus, you should start forming the material from the bottom. Work the film around incrementally with your finger.


When you form the material, remember to shift the film towards the top section constantly. There is an extremely steep angle at the top. And by feeding more material towards there, you have a higher chance to create a durable finish.


Once you get to the edge of the bottom part, make another relief cut. And you can then start forming the film on both sides of the grill. Get them done one by one. Do not forget to continually feed the film towards the top area as you do it.


Take your time to form the material around gradually. When you get to the edge of either side, make another small relief cut. Do not forget to keep warming the film with your free hand from a safe distance throughout the process, though.


When you finally get to the steep top area, make as many small relief cuts as you can to relax the material. Form it evenly. By now, one part of the front grill is well wrapped. All you need is to cut away the excess material and move on to the next enclosed area.


Thus, sharpen your blade and cut. Make sure your blade is parallel to the edge of the grill, so it is not touching the paint. Use your free hand to hold the excess film firmly to make sure you have a clean cut. Seal all the edges after you cut.


Now you can carry on to deal with the rest of the grill with the same techniques. As soon as the whole grill is completely wrapped, you can put it back on the vehicle and post-heat it.


Wrapping a grill in this way will give you a finish that can safely last for three years, which is high-quality and durable. And it will save you from lots of potential problems. Happy wrapping!
Wrap Jeep grill in one piece of vinyl wrap film