Why Temperature Matters to Vinyl Wrap Film

If wrapping skills are subjective factors that determine whether a wrapper can achieve a successful wrap job with the vinyl wrap film, climate control is one of the objective factors that would affect the cause. Thus, in short, it is important to have the proper wrapping skills, but it is also crucial to maintain the right temperature as you wrap.


Here is why:

Either working at a space that is too hot or too cold will take you a longer time to install for different reasons.


If your workspace is too hot, you would very possibly overstretch the material, which will affect the durability of the vinyl wrap film. And you will probably have to re-do the job in the end.


However, if you work at a place under low temperature, the vinyl wrap film will become more fragile in this case. And there are high chances that you will break the panels.


Either way is very risky. This is why it is so important to make sure your workspace is at the right temperature. If your wrap shop is based in a hot area, it is worth having air conditioning. While for the workshop in a cold place, a heater can be a great help.


You might be concerned about the electric bill. However, if you divided it by 30 days in a month, and compared it to the cost of a potential re-do, you would find it very reasonable.


It is like solid insurance, by paying extra for electricity to ensure you are working under the proper temperature, you get to protect yourself from making up for potential damages of the vinyl wrap film caused by the climate, and in the meantime, increasing the quality of your job. Isn’t it a worthy win-win?


Why Temperature Matters to Vinyl Wrap Film