Fixing Bubbles on Calendared Vinyl Wrap Film

Bubble is probably one of the most common things a wrapper would come across during installs. When they occur, it is possible to handle it without re-applying. But this requires certain skills.


And for different kinds of vinyl wrap films and different situations, there are different ways to deal with bubbles. The wrapper would need to make their adjustments accordingly.


Here are some tips for handling bubbles on a calendared film:


When there are popping bubble in a long shape, which are not very stiff on your vinyl wrap film, you can poke a tiny hole at the end of the bubbles with a 30-degree blade (or use a pin), and then press as well as force the air out from the opposite side with your finger.


The trick is to make the hole as tiny as possible. Do not use a wide blade like a 45-degree one, because it will make a very big hole and the material might split too much.


And remember that you should just push the air out after popping the bubble. If you squeegee with your finger and just try to make the bubble smaller, you will raise the angle of the bubble. As a result, a stiff wrinkle will come up.


For some vinyl wrap film, you can actually use a heat gun to heat the material up around the particular spot after you poke a hole at the end of the bubble, and the film will be flat again.


As for popping wrinkles that are very stiff with a sharp angle on the side, the wrapper should use another technique to handle. In this case, the proper way is to pick the film back up, heat it, and trigger the memory effect so that the vinyl wrap film can relax until the wrinkles go away.


These are the most used tricks to deal with the two most common bubbles (popping wrinkles) that wrappers would face daily. Bear these in mind, surely bubbles and wrinkles will not be as terrible as you thought. Happy wrapping.

Fixing Bubbles on Calendared Vinyl Wrap Film