Simple But Crucial Facts about Gloss Metallic Vinyl Wrap Film

Gloss metallic is a kind of vinyl wrap film that always attracts lots of attention. However, to achieve a successful wrap job with its splendor, you should bear these properties of its in mind:



Gloss metallic vinyl wrap film is directional. This requires that the panels have to be applied in a uniform manner. You can either check up the logo on the liner or mark the liner with arrows to make sure you follow the right direction when installing.


Use Medium or Soft Squeegee

For gloss metallic vinyl wrap film, a medium-hard squeegee is the best option. However, if the surface-to-be-applied is flat enough, you can also use a curvy soft squeegee. When handling, the standard squeegeeing technique will work the best for gloss metallic wrap film.


Self-Heal Easily

If the gloss metallic wrap is scratched, it can self-heal very easily compared to other types of wrap films. When wrinkles occur during the install, you can pick the film back up and apply light heat. The film will then self-heal and be re-applied again.


Usage of Heat

Either propane torch or heat gun can work with gloss metallic film without damaging the wrap. Gloss metallic can be heated and stretched with the standard method in order to trigger the memory effect – As long as you do not overstretch it. If the film is overstretched, the hue might be different. And sometimes you might even feel the flakes through the surface when this happens.


Make Enclosed Relief Cut

When you pick back up a gloss metallic film and make standard relief cut on it, it can be fragile. Thus, making enclosed relief cut is a much safer choice.


Keep these crucial facts in mind, you will surely wrap it well with gloss metallic wrap film. Happy wrapping!

Simple But Crucial Facts about Gloss Metallic Vinyl Wrap Film