What makes a calendared film different? | TeckWrap

Vinyl wrap is usually broken into two main categories for car wrapping: cast and calendared. For TeckWrap, the company provides high-grade calendered film, and hybrid vinyl products. One of the reasons is that a calendared vinyl is more affordable than a cast film. There are many more advantages in terms of application.


However, because of the lower price point in the market, people can overlook a calendared vinyl film sometimes, leading to wrapping issues during the installation. If you can learn its properties well, you will know that a calendared wrap is nothing less than a cast material. It is just different and requires the same effort regarding installing. Let’s find out what you can benefit from it.


Highly conformable

A calendared vinyl film is made out of PVC, which is a stable type of plastic. And it is highly flexible and conformable. If you stretch it, you can tell how strong it is. It will not break easily. And it can shrink back to its original shape as soon as you heat and trigger its memory effect. This property makes a calendared wrap perfect for vehicles with compound curves and crazy recessed areas.


Different types of adhesive

The calendared vinyl film products can come with two types of adhesive: removable and permanent. For the wraps with removable adhesive, it is easy to take off. In comparison, a film with permanent adhesive can stick harder on the surface.


If you are wrapping a surface with high surface energy, using a material with removable adhesive can save you some energy when removing it. But if it is a low-energy surface, you might want to consider using permanent adhesive. It can be a bit more difficult during removal, but it will stay well on the surface for the long term.


The options are highly flexible. You can always choose according to your needs. If you are unsure which one you need, always test on the surface before the installation and see what works best for you.


Different types of finishes

There are different types of finishes for calendared films, for example, gloss, matte, satin, or chrome… And you can always combine different materials to make your idea come alive at a reasonable price.


In short, there are many advantages for calendared films. If you are someone full of ideas, calendared vinyl can be one of the best materials for you because it is highly cost-effective. Check out the TeckWrap collections now and make your thoughts real at the best price.
What makes a calendared film different? | TeckWrap