No surface touching: Cut off the excess vinyl safely | TeckWrap

When creating vinyl film panels for different sections, installers will always leave extra material for full coverage and any unexpected situation during the application.


Extra for full coverage

In some cases, cutting the excess vehicle wrap becomes a challenge, especially when conducting a color-change project. This situation happens often when wrapping sections like a hood or a trunk.


That extra can be a trouble

You cannot cut off the excess vinyl film straight from the edge because you need a bit more material to wrap around for full coverage. However, it is unwise to wrap around first and cut directly on the paint either. Cutting directly on the surface is risky, not to mention doing it on a tricky backside.


Cutting tape seems like the best choice

When this happens, using a Knifeless tape seems like the best choice – Maybe depending on how you use it, though. Usually, people apply the cutting tape on the surface before putting the car wrap on it. But this might not be perfect if you use a vinyl film with aggressive adhesive.


The safest way: “Cut in the air”

Here is an innovative way of using Knifeless tape that can ignore the aggressive properties and cut safely: Instead of applying the tape to the surface, you will put it on top of the car wrap and cut while the excess material is hanging in the air.


Apply incrementally

Be aware of how much extra vinyl film you need for full coverage, and apply the Knifeless tape symmetrically across the vinyl film. You should leave a bit extra so that you can hold it from the outside.


When applying, tack the tape with your thumb every three inches to secure it (Remember to clean your fingers beforehand). Once the tape is entirely on, run your finger to slide across and set it in place.


Work the other way round

As soon as it is done, you are ready to go. Hold the tape from the outside firmly, and release the string and cut from underneath. Don’t split the green tape, but continue to pull it steadily and perpendicularly from the outside as you cut with the string.


You shall achieve a clean cut without stress once it is done. Keep learning about wrapping to ease your work at
No surface touching: Cut off the excess vinyl safely | TeckWrap