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When installing vinyl film in recessed areas, the standard method is to bridge the material over, set it tight, and apply heat around three to four inches away from the area, then form the film into it.


This is a safe technique to approach a recessed area, guaranteeing high quality. However, as you form the vinyl wrap film into the recessed area, there will be tension because of the memory effect.


Here is a new method to avoid tension during the application. It is time to upgrade your technique to achieve 100% assurance of quality and durability.


Start with different prepping

Before applying the car wrap, you should prep the surface as usual - only with one difference. After cleaning and degreasing the surface, wipe around the flat part in the recessed area with a polish like Tripple S. Be sure to make it even and thick, and don't wipe it in the recessed portion. This is to keep the vehicle wrap from ultimately settling on the surface before it is needed.


Let it sag

Once the preparation is done, you can apply the vinyl film from the surface. Tack the material to the top and pull off the backing paper. On top of that, there is no need to pull the vehicle wrap firmly and bridge it tight as before. Just let the material sag naturally. There might be minor wrinkles, which is considered normal.


Heat the recessed

As soon as the film is in place, unlike the old technique, you can immediately apply heat across the recessed area. However, make sure you do it slowly. Normally, if you heat the recessed area and form the car film into it, you will overstretch the material. But here is the difference:


Shrink and suck

Because you heat the recessed area super slowly, you can see the film shrink slightly there. Once you finish heating the recessed area, do it to the flat part to relax the material there. Again, approach slowly, using overlapping heat from top to bottom. You will see the vinyl suck onto the surface itself.


Use the old method as an add-on

As soon as the film cools down, run your finger on the outside edge of the recessed area to set the material in place. Next, use the old method as an add-on by applying heat slowly around three to four inches away from the recessed part. Then, run your finger to form the car wrap into it, which should be done smoothly with no tension by now.


Deal with the flat area last

Once the recessed part is done, deal with the flat area at last. The heat has activated the adhesive at the previous stage. But thanks to the Tripple S underneath, the material is not entirely settled on the surface yet. You should now use your squeegee to set it in place for good.


When everything is done, you will achieve a high-quality wrapped recessed area with zero tension and long durability. Learn more innovative wrapping techniques at teckwrap.com
Upgrade your vinyl installing technique in recessed areas | TeckWrap