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When wrapping a section with tricky recessed areas, the best way might be to remove any hardware that will create great tension on the vinyl wrap film and block you from achieving a perfect finish.


For example, sometimes, it is safe to remove the mirrors when wrapping the front doors of a vehicle. However, certain types of mirrors are fixed or difficult to remove. Taking that off will only cost you more energy.


In this situation, wrapping with the mirrors on can be a wiser option. But as mentioned above, it will be challenging to do, and thus, proper techniques are required. Here is how you can do it:


Create a template

Take a piece of car wrap (with the backing paper on) for the front door and secure it on the section with magnets. Pick the vinyl film up around the mirror, and make an enclosed cut that is roughly the shape of the mirror while double-checking as you cut.


The shape you cut out should be just big enough to slide around the mirror. Doing this can help you work around this area without worries. And the material will not split.


Set a hinge

As soon as you cut, pick the vehicle wrap up from the top and remove half of the backing paper down to the middle of the door. Put the film through the mirror as soon as the liner is off. And lock the film at the top, and squeegee across the middle to create a permanent hinge.


Once you have reached this stage, you can wrap the door as normal without stress. Because you have left enough material when making the enclosed cut around the mirror, you have enough film to achieve full coverage. This way, you shall get a seamless paint-like finish more quickly with no hassle.


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Front door wrapping with mirror on | TeckWrap