Automotive Market in Russia

Russia is one of the leading automotive producers in the world. Its auto market is a significant sector for the country. In 2021, Russia recorded nearly 1.4 million vehicles produced. According to statistics, around 8.5k units of electric cars were sold. While there are challenges, various factors continue to shape the industry and give it plenty of opportunities to grow.

Popular Car Brands
The most-sold car model in Russia is the Lada Granta, and the largest car market segment in Russia is the SUV. When it comes to popular brands in this country, depending on factors like price and availability, the result can vary, ranging from domestic to international manufacturers, including:

    Lada: A Russian automobile manufacturer. It produces many popular models in the country, including Lada Granta, Lada Largus VP, and Lada Vesta.
    Kia: The South Korean brand is popular in Russia. Its Kia Rio is one of the most popular cars.
    Hyundai: The manufacturer has made an effective impact with its car models, such as Hyundai Solaris and Hyundai Creta.
    Volkswagen: The German brand’s Polo model is popular in Russia.
    Toyota: Its RAV 4 model is one of the top-sellers in the country.

Auto Shows in Russia
There are quite a few big auto shows in Russia, including:
   InterAuto: One of the most significant annual events. The show was initially launched in 2004. It draws attention from people in the field, including car fanatics and manufacturers.
   COMPTRANS: An exhibition of commercial vehicles in the country.
   CeMAT Russia: An automotive industry exhibition event that brings impact.
   Moscow Auto Tuning Show: An annual show that presents custom cars in the Moscow region.

These events provide practical information about different market areas in the industry, keeping people in the field up to date and on track.  

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