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A flat bumper sensor is not too tricky to wrap with vinyl wrap film, and the only thing that makes it challenging to handle is the soft molding around itself, which is tight. And this could make it difficult to achieve clean cuts when installing.


But with the right approach, you can easily finish the job for your purpose. Here are tips for different situations when tackling a flat bumper sensor:


Cleaning is a must for every situation

Whichever situation you are in, you should clean the area thoroughly before applying a vehicle wrap to it. Make sure you degrease the edge around the sensor because there is a lot of dirt. And do not forget to dry it out.


Leave the sensor without wrapping

Apply the piece of vinyl wrap film to the bumper and bridge it over the sensor. Use your finger to secure the material around the sensor, and make sure it is set tight. Sharpen your knife, and cut with a light touch and shallow blade.


Cut only with the tip of your blade, which should be held at a 10-degree angle. When cutting, cut on the side of the sensor. By doing this, you can later tuck the extra material into the gap for full coverage.


After cutting, remove the piece on the sensor. Apply light heat to soften the edge around it. Then, use a micro squeegee to tuck and seal the edge.


Wrapping the sensor

For this style, double cuts are required. In this case, you should do the same thing as mentioned above. Take another piece of the same material (it can be a scrap piece) to bridge over the sensor. Then, make another cut.


But this time, cut on the side of the bumper, and this will give you extra material to tuck into the rubber molding. Once you finish cutting, use your micro squeegee to tuck the material into the molding. Last but not least, cut on the side of the sensor and remove the excess film.


As soon as it is done, tuck the material in one more time, and apply light heat to relax the film. You will then have a perfect bumper sensor with high-quality full coverage. Learn more about wrapping at teckwrap.com

Tackle flat bumper sensor | TeckWrap