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Deep recessed areas are challenging to wrap with vinyl film, and a vehicle wrap tends to build up tension in those spots. And if you do not approach properly, the material can be overstretched and distorted.


To avoid this situation, here are some tips about how to deal with different types of recessed areas for a stress-free installation:


Golden rule

Before applying vinyl wrap film to a recessed area, you should always think about a few things: the angle of the area, its depth, and the material you are using – think about its properties.


Steep and deep

Let’s say you have a recessed area with a 75-degree angle, and its depth is around two centimeters, which is a steeply deep one. In a case like this, you should better bridge the wrap film over the entire length of this recessed area and handle the corners first.


Tiny and stiff

The difficulty of wrapping a recessed area is never about its size. Even some tiny spots are tricky to wrap. Thus, you should not neglect it because it seems small. Consider the golden rule at all times, no matter what.


For instance, there can be a tiny but deep recessed area with a stiff angle. Instead of bridging the car wrap over and heating it, it is best to feed the material in. Otherwise, the film is very likely to bounce back over time.


Wide and mellow

Sometimes, recessed areas can be on both sides of an open section. It is wide and mellow on one side, while the other has a more severe angle. For an open spot like this, it is best not to bridge and heat the film. But feed the film in and work it out incrementally.


Remember, whichever case you have, bear the golden rule in mind. And you should be able to handle recessed areas accordingly with no stress. Learn more about wrapping at teckwrap.com

What deep recessed area can tell you | TeckWrap