Automotive Market in Pakistan

The automotive industry in Pakistan is one of the smallest but fastest-growing industries in the country, growing by 171% between 2014 and 2018. It accounts for 3% of Pakistan’s GDP and employs a workforce of over 3.5 million people as of 2018. Pakistan is the 23rd largest producer of automobiles. Its contribution to the national exchequer is nearly Rs. 50-billion (US$220 million).


In 2018, 269,792 cars were sold in Pakistan. The auto sector is dominated by Honda, Toyota, and Suzuki. On 19 March 2016, Pakistan passed a second “Auto Policy 2016-21,” which offers tax incentives to new automakers to establish manufacturing plants in the country. This has drawn interest from companies like Renault, Nissan, Proton Holdings, Kia, SsangYong, Volkswagen, FAW, and Hyundai, which decided to enter the Pakistani market.

Popular Car Brands

The Pakistani auto market is dominated by three major brands: Honda, Toyota, and Suzuki. According to the Pakistan Automobile Manufacturers Association (PAMA), these three companies have performed admirably in the past year.

In fact, the top five best-selling cars in Pakistan in 2021-22 were all from these three brands. They are:

1. Suzuki Alto

2. Toyota Yaris

3. Toyota Corolla

4. Suzuki Cultus

5. Suzuki Wagon R

Other popular car brands include Hyundai, KIA, and Changan Alsvin. However, these brands are still relatively new to the market and have yet to establish a significant presence.

Auto Shows in Pakistan

There are several auto shows in Pakistan. One of the biggest is the Pakistan Auto Show (PAPS), which is organized by the Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts & Accessories Manufacturers (PAAPAM). The show has a 20-year history, attracting many local and international auto brands who exhibit their vehicles every year.

The automotive market in Pakistan is expected to continue its growth in the coming years. Seize the opportunity to grow together in the field. Why not get your car a stunning vinyl wrap film to innovate? Get in touch with our regional distributor today, and ride as a trend leader.