Wrap up Steep License Plate Area with Vinyl Film

When wrapping the license plate area with vinyl wrap film, a wrapper can wrap it in one piece to achieve a seamless finish. But in some cases, the license plate area can be very steep, for example, with a 90-degree angle. Wrapping it in one giant piece can hardly lead to a durable result. Thus, you will need the help of relief cuts and an overlay strip.

To ensure the overlay piece is perfectly straight, you can tack a bigger panel to the middle area on the bumper first (on the flat section), and make a cut with the knife parallel to the edge of the plate area on the top, then take off the excess vinyl wrap film.

By doing this, the tip of the blade should not be touching anything, and you will be able to have a perfectly straight piece. You will now have a mild overlapping material to wrap up the flat area on the side of the upper corner as you cut on the upper edge. There is still a one-inch gap, though, which you will have to deal with it later.

Use your squeegee to form the vinyl wrap film in the flat area of the plate section. Form it to the bottom, and cut off the excess film at the bottom. As soon as it is done, squeegee down all the edges as you go over them with heat, ensuring everything is sealed and tight.

Now is all about fixing up the gap inside of the plate area. Do your measurement and cut out a symmetrical strip piece, then put it on. Take your time and make sure the material is laid on symmetrically. Apply the edge of the piece slightly under the top edge. By doing this, you can perfectly hide this overlap up. Once it is done, form the material around the corner with your finger.

If you can manage to do everything properly, you will achieve a wrapped plate area with tension-free film, which brings on a high-quality and durable finish. Learn more about car wrapping at teckwrap.com

Wrap up Steep License Plate Area with Vinyl Film