Ways to Remove Roof Molding Accordingly Before Wrapping


As vehicles vary, there are different types of roof moldings as well. But whichever kind it is, it is best to remove them before you wrap a car with vinyl wrap film so that you can make a perfect full coverage.


In some cases, it is almost impossible for you to do that, though. Thus, it is important for a wrapper to understand when to remove the roof molding and when it is better to leave it on, even more, how to remove it properly when you should, because it is not only crucial to achieve a perfect finish with the vinyl wrap film of your client’s choice, but a wrapper also has to keep every part of the vehicle well and unchanged throughout the whole process.


Here are several ways that are quick and safe to handle roof moldings accordingly:


Roof molding that is locked with double-sided tape

Roof moldings are mostly held on with clips, but there are cases that they are locked with double-sided tape. This is the type of roof molding that you should definitely leave it on. When you pry the molding off a little bit from the end, and realize it is held on with tape, the correct thing to do is to put it back immediately.


This type of molding is long and soft. If you insist on taking it off, you are going to stretch the whole thing. So when you try to put it back after the install, it will not fit properly as it initially does.


Molding with plastic clips

This type of molding is probably the easiest kind to handle. Just take your plastic removal tool and pry it off bit by bit. The closer you do it to the clip, the better, as it will lower the risk of breaking the clips and the molding.


Sometimes you will see painted moldings on the roof. They are mostly locked with plastic clips as well. If this is the case, you can use this same method to handle them as well.


It is not a very difficult way, but it surely needs your patience. When the whole molding is off, put it inside the car or a safe place in your workspace so that it can be well kept – Do NOT leave it on the roof straight away, because it will scratch.


Roof rack

For some vehicles, there are roof racks instead of moldings, which will require more work before you wrap with a vinyl wrap film. Some roof racks cannot be removed and you just have to find a way to wrap around, while others have access points at the top.


Mostly, there are plastic covers at the front or back of a rack (or in the middle in some cases). Use your plastic removal tool to pry off the cover, and you will usually find that there are Torx or bolts holding it on. Take a screwdriver to loosen those, and keep the rack from falling onto the roof as you do it. As soon as you can take the rack off, put it in a safe spot to avoid damages.


There are usually lots of dirt underneath the roof rack. This is why you should take it off before you do everything, even cleaning – otherwise, you will have to clean up again. Do not start wrapping until everything is ready.


Here are the three typical cases of roof molding and rack. Hopefully, this can give you some inspiration. Learn more about car wrapping at teckwrap.com

Ways to Remove Roof Molding Accordingly Before Wrapping