Wrap Around Fixed Mirror with Vinyl Wrap Film


The safest way to achieve a perfect seamless wrap job with vinyl wrap film is to remove everything you can on a vehicle before wrapping to ensure a 100% full coverage.


But what if some of those parts cannot be removed? For example, the mirror. If you cannot handle it properly, you will probably end up with nasty cuts and an overstretched panel.


Here is a great way to save you from the risks mentioned above:


Before applying the vinyl wrap film onto the front door of the car, you need to lock it on the area with magnets (Make sure you do it with the backing paper on). Pick up the panel around the mirror, and you can make a check, then make an enclosed cut that is roughly the shape of the back of the mirror.


This shape should be big enough for the vinyl wrap film to slide around this mirror. However, it cannot be too big, though. By making this enclosed cut, you are safe to work the material around later without worrying about splitting it.


When the cut is done, lock the bottom of the panel on the door still. Pick up the top, start removing half of the backing paper on the top part, and set up a permanent hinge. As soon as you remove the backing paper, make sure you pull the vinyl wrap film around the mirror first.  Otherwise, it will become very difficult to deal with if you leave it until the end.


As long as you have left just enough material, you will be able to slide the film around the mirror and work it around with full coverage. Once the area is set, make the whole panel straight and create glass from top to bottom.


In this way, you will achieve a seamless finish with full coverage, even with a mirror on. Learn more about wraps at www.teckwrap.com

Wrap Around Fixed Mirror with Vinyl Wrap Film