Perfect Wrap Around Gas Tank with Vinyl Wrap Film


When wrapping around a gas tank with vinyl wrap film, there is one of the significant challenges that a wrapper must face: Long durability.


This is kind of an area that people would frequently activate. Sometimes there might be gas dripping out to the bottom edge of the section, which will damage the vinyl wrap film, and lead to lifting over time. Thus, it is indeed critical for a wrapper to get it done with 100% durable quality.


Here are two small tricks to help you achieve a durable result:


Seal the Edge

The first one is quite simple and straight away: Get you edge seal pen prepared. When everything is wrapped up, put a coat of edge seal around, particularly at the bottom. Doing this can safely keep gas from getting underneath the film as you seal it up properly.


Wrap the Inside

The second method is excellent for wrapping up the inside edge. When wrapping around the gas tank, wrappers tend to cut on the outside edge of the tank. This usually ends up falling short with vinyl wrap film when you open it up, especially when you are supposed to wrap up the inside edge (for example, when you have a light color car).


When this happens, the perfect solution is to have a black matte strip pre-cut (Make it as wide as you need when you cut it). Apply it around the inside of the gas tank area. Form it evenly. And remember to leave the overlap at the top so that you can hide it without being noticed.


This matte strip can help prevent the gas from building up on the edge as well. Once the strip is well placed and formed, use heat to seal all the edges with your heat gun. By doing this, you will be able to achieve a durable full coverage without removing the door of the tank, or putting extra material to work around.


Hopefully, these two tips can give you a bit of inspiration. Happy wrapping!

Perfect Wrap Around Gas Tank with Vinyl Wrap Film