Wrap Around Side Molding with Vinyl Wrap Film

There are tons of possible ways to wrap up a car with vinyl wrap film, because vehicles vary. Some have funky recessed areas on the hood, while others have tricky sections at the back. Whichever way it is, it is a wrapper’s job to wrap accordingly to ensure the film's performance to reach its 100%.

Common wrapping methods are for common cases. If you apply the same techniques to a case that is “not so common”, it might lead to a bad result. For example, when you have to wrap a car that has side moldings.

Although the gap looks tiny, you cannot use the common logic to handle it, which is by bridging the vinyl wrap film over the molding, and heating it, then forcing the material into the side.

While the gap looks like none, it can be very steep indeed. If you handle it following the common logic, you will be distorting the film. Not to mention the film will be overstretched in this way. So it will not last long, even if you finish the job and it looks great then.

To deal with the side molding, you will need to bridge the vinyl wrap film over the area properly. And make relief cuts there. Do not forget to make sure your blade is sharp enough for clean cutting. Before the actual cutting, use your finger to glide on the material along the molding lightly, so the film will not jam as you cut.

When cutting on the top, angle the blade in, use a short tip and make sure the side of your blade is on the side of the top area of the molding, which can make sure your blade will not cut on either the paint or the side molding.

As soon as you finish cutting on the top, follow the same rule and cut at the bottom: Angle the blade in, short tip, and blade on the side of the bottom area of the molding.

As you make your relief cuts by angling your blade in, you will have enough material for full coverage. Once the cutting is done, squeegee down the material with your squeegee on the top and the bottom by using 45-degree angle strokes. There will be no tension for you to tuck the material in by now.

This is one of the simplest methods to wrap around side molding, but not the only way (Although this method is only for a non-directional film). Stay tuned and learn more about car wrapping at teckwrap.com

Wrap Around Side Molding with Vinyl Wrap Film