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Installing vinyl wrap film is never only about wrapping. Many other things involved during the process are as important as the installation itself because the key to a perfect finish is always about details. Here are something you might neglect when applying:


The choosing of vehicle wrap

Not every kind of material is suitable for all vehicles. Thus, it is essential to understand what type of vinyl film you should choose for the car you are wrapping. For example, there are some materials for partial wrapping only. It will not be applicable if you are doing a full wrap. Besides, always doublecheck the instruction of a film to see if it fits the surface.


Take measurement

Some wrappers like to trim off the material they need as they wrap, which can sometimes lead to the unnecessary waste of the film (Check our previous article to learn how you can prevent this). Or even worse, because you cut it roughly, the panel might be shorter than what you need.


It is best to take a precise measurement before installing to avoid this. Measure all the sections beforehand. When doing this, ensure you leave enough material for all the edges for potential adjustment. For instance, you might want to wrap a little further inside or underneath an area. And the extra film can help you with that.


Thorough cleaning

Cleaning is one of the most important tasks to do for application. The degree of cleanliness determines how well a vinyl wrap film can stay on the surface. If you do not clean a vehicle thoroughly, the material will not stick well. Thus, it will affect the performance and durability of the finish.


You should remove all the oil, dirt, and coating before wrapping because these will all affect the adhesive of a wrap. Also, if there is rust on the vehicle, be sure to fix them first, as the film will not stay well in this type of area either.


Right location

Last but not least, you should pay attention to the location where you wrap. Some wrappers might overlook this. But working in the right environment is crucial if you pursue a perfect finish.


Make sure your workspace is clean enough before the application. Otherwise, dirt or other contaminants might get underneath the vinyl, which will affect its performance. Also, ensure the room is under the right temperature for wrapping with the particular type of film (Usually, there is a recommendation in the instruction. You can doublecheck if needed).


Here are some of the aspects that installers might neglect. But surely, more small things might need more attention during the process. Comment and share your thoughts below.


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Vinyl wrapping: what you shouldn’t neglect during the process|TeckWrap