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As an essential skill for vinyl film wrapping, squeegeeing matters a lot when installing a material. Doing it wrong might damage the film and lead to failure. Here are some vital tips to level up your experience:


Choose the proper tool

Before even getting to squeegeeing, using the suitable squeegee you need is crucial. Depending on the type of vehicle wrap, you will need a squeegee with the proper degree of hardness. For a sensitive finish, you might want to use a soft squeegee with a buffer. And others might require a medium or hard one.


Hold it correctly

Choosing the fitting squeegee is only the first step. You can only make the most if you hold it correctly and put the right degree of pressure on the front to the squeegee. When applying, put your four fingers on one side while your thumb on the other. Hold it firmly. And make sure your fingers stay as close to the front edge as possible.


Apply at the right angle

When it comes to installation, you will need to figure out at which angle you should hold the squeegee. Typically, installers will work at a 45-degree, 60-degree, or 90-degree angle, and each angle will bring out a different result. Thus, you should always decide accordingly and wisely.


When wrapping curves, the standard way is to squeegee with 45-degree-angle strokes. When working at 60 or 90 degrees, it might create lots of wrinkles on the edges. These two angles are good for wrapping flat areas. However, a 60-degree angle is safer than a 90-degree. So if there is less area you can squeegee, go with a 60-degree angle instead.


When you decide at which angle you will squeegee across a section, stay consistent until the area is adequately wrapped. Do not forget to always hold the squeegee in the right way mentioned above during the process.


Mastering all these will surely boost your wrapping techniques. And a perfect finish is never far away from you. Comment and share your squeegeeing experience.


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Wrapping: Level up your vinyl squeegeeing skill|TeckWrap