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Some bumpers have an attached extended area at the bottom, making the wrapping process a little bit complicated. It is ok to wrap the whole area in one piece for those dark-color vehicles by making a relief cut (Learn this method here).


But if it is a light color, approaching in this way might expose the original color of the paint. Here is a different way you can tackle the situation.


For a light color vehicle that has this kind of bumper, it is best to wrap the extended area separately. By doing this, you can wrap the main bumper surface first. Apply the vinyl wrap film to the section with enough material at the bottom, which will be the extra material you can work around for the extended area.


Once you have wrapped the main surface, make a relief cut to separate the vinyl film between the main and the extended area. Leave yourself about an extra centimeter of material to work around. After cutting, use your squeegee to slide along the top side, and tuck the film in properly so that the main bumper area gets full coverage.


Never bridge the material and force it in. Make sure you make this relief cut and tuck the film in. Otherwise, you will overstretch the film easily. Now that you have separated the vinyl into two pieces, you can pick up the one at the bottom and lay it down properly to the extended area.


Form it around evenly. Then, tuck the material in properly. There is a natural break on the bumper, and thus, people will not notice the cut. And in this way, you can relax the material without having it build up tension. As soon as you finish, cut away the excess film. You will then have your perfect bumper.


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