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For many fashionistas, color-shift vinyl wrap is an excellent choice for a new transformation. However, a color-shift film is usually more challenging to wrap than a standard one. To achieve a perfect result, you should understand its properties well:



There are multi-layers in a color-shift wrap. Thus, it is thicker than a standard vinyl wrap film, and this means wrapping it requires more patience in many aspects. For example, because it is thicker, you will need to do it longer when heating.



It has a color-shifting effect in the vehicle wrap, so it is undoubtedly directional. To successfully reveal the visual effect, you should always apply the panels in a uniform direction.


Squeegee and buffer

A soft or medium-hard squeegee is recommended to use when wrapping with a color-shift car wrap. For buffer, if you are handling a gloss finish, use a dry one, and going with a wet buffer is better if it is matte.


Ways to heat

Because there are gloss and matte finishes for color-shift wraps, you should apply heat during the application in different ways. If you are wrapping with a gloss finish, you can use either a heat gun or a propane torch. But if it is a matte one, you should only use a heat gun to do it, or you will damage the finish.



No complete self-heal

As mentioned, there are multi-layers in a color-shift wrap, making it unlikely to completely self-heal. When the vinyl film is overstretched, the layers will get separated. And it is hard to 100% self-heal. Thus, be extra careful when applying.


Post heat

You should add more heat when post-heating than dealing with a standard wrap film because it is multi-layered. Wherever the vinyl is stretched, heat those edges thoroughly.


These are the key facts about color-shift vehicle wrap. Keep these in mind, and you can effectively avoid many unnecessary mistakes. Learn more about wrapping at

Key facts about color-shift vinyl | TeckWrap