Dealing with sensitive vinyl liner | TeckWrap

Sometimes, all sorts of things can happen when wrapping. And it is all about having the experience and relevant knowledge to tackle it. That is what makes you skillful and helps you achieve perfect finishes.


For example, you might come across vinyl wrap film with a sensitive liner that is easy to tear. This will surely give you a headache when you are in the middle of an application.


Because once it tears, it usually tends to keep tearing. And you will end up getting a bit of the backing paper on the left side, and another bit on the other side. To completely remove the liner, you might have to take off the vehicle wrap. In the end, it becomes an energy-consuming job.


Is there a way to avoid this frustration? The answer is yes! Here is how:


Apply the vinyl wrap film as normal

You can apply the vehicle wrap to the surface with the backing paper, release part of the material, and let it hang. Then, set a hinge with your squeegee. Next, cut the backing paper that is just exposed in a half-moon shape.


Fold the half-moon behind

You can then roll the half-moon up, fold it, and slide it behind the bottom part of the vinyl wrap film. Use your squeegee to set a hinge. Make sure you set the material tight enough, or the vehicle wrap might peak up.


In this way, when you have to remove more backing paper, you can simply pull the half-moon underneath the film. By doing this, the backing paper can be released with even tension on both sides. And there is no way it will tear.


You do not need to adjust your installation technique. Doing this can totally solve the liner problem and take your pressure off. Visit for more wrap tips.

Dealing with sensitive vinyl liner | TeckWrap