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An antenna is a challenge to wrapping a roof with vinyl film. But if you know the trick, you can be much more efficient by wrapping without removing the antenna.


Today, with the growth of qualified installers, more and more creative methods are introduced. Here is another one:


Prep with edge seal tape

Knifeless tape is a popular choice for many installers when wrapping a roof with the antenna on. But some kinds of antenna come with a rubber molding at the bottom, which has low surface energy.


If you apply Knifeless tape to this bottom edge, it will not stick properly. In this case, edge seal tape is your help, as it has high surface energy. Apply the tape around the edge of the rubber (do not let it reach the roof). By now, you can apply Knifeless tape to the bottom edge of the antenna as usual.


Antenna template

Once the prepping is finished, you can wrap the roof with the vinyl wrap film. Cut out the template of the antenna, set the vinyl in place, and work it around. Tuck the material into the base properly.


Cut clean with the Knifeless

Once the vinyl around the antenna is applied well around, you can release the Knifeless tape. When you pull the tape off, pull it low and keep it flat to the surface, which can ensure a clean cut and avoid making it jagged. You can remove the edge seal tape at the same time at this point.


Finish the job

As soon as the Knifeless is off, use your squeegee to tuck the vinyl film underneath the rubber molding. You can do it again with a micro squeegee to better tuck the material in for perfect full coverage.


By doing this, you can achieve a high-quality and durable wrapped roof with high efficiency. For more creative ways of roof wrapping, check teckwrap.com

Efficient roof wrapping with antenna on | TeckWrap