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Satin chrome is one of the sensitive types of vinyl film to handle. And because it has multiple layers, it is especially thick. Thus, it is more difficult to handle at some point than a standard vehicle wrap.


What if you are wrapping a front door with satin chrome vinyl? What are the things you should consider and avoid? Here are some tips:


Avoid picking

Before application, you should understand the properties of a wrap film to avoid making costly mistakes. For satin chrome vinyl, you should avoid picking it back up directly. As it is multi-layered, doing this might separate the layers, which will appear on the surface. Thus, do not remove the entire liner right away when wrapping.


Prep before application

Because you should not pick the vinyl wrap film back up directly, you need to prep the front door before wrapping. Apply masking tape to the molding near the window, and the rocker panel, which can lower the surface energy. Then, remember to use a tack cloth to wipe around the surface and clean it thoroughly.


Wrapping with patience

Remove part of the backing paper, tack vinyl wrap film to the top edge, and cautiously lock on the surface. You can then squeegee the material down with overlapping strokes. Work stage by stage and keep the liner on as long as possible.


Tuck and cut

As soon as the panel is set in place, use your squeegee to tuck the film into the gap deeply. With the help of masking tape, you can do it smoothly with no stress.


When tucking the material under the molding at the top, you can use a tool like a micro squeegee, which has a thin edge and will help you tuck in way further.


Once you finish tucking, sharpen your blade and cut away the excess film under the molding. When getting to corners, make relief cuts and continue. Do not force the material.


Relax before cutting on edges

There can be tension on the edges of the front door. Thus, relaxing the vinyl before cutting can make your job much easier. You can use a heat gun to do it. However, steam can significantly soften the material for a multi-layered film. So you can give it a try. Remember to dry out with a microfiber towel, though.


When the wrap is relaxed, cut away the excess with a sharp blade. Then, remove the masking tape. Done! You have a clean and perfectly wrapped front door. Equip yourself with more wrap knowledge at for better experiences.

Front door wrapping with satin chrome vinyl | TeckWrap