Fix safely: Don’t push the bubble on vinyl film right away | TeckWrap

A bubble is like an old friend to vinyl film wrappers. It can occur almost in every installation. It is easy to get rid of it. But how you fix it can affect the quality of the overall finish in the long term.


You can’t just fix it casually

It is always the detail that determines how a vinyl wrap film performs. Fixing a bubble incorrectly can build tension on the area or turn the bubble into something intractable.


Wrong approach

Wrappers can tend to neglect the consequence when a bubble occurs, and fix it casually by pushing it to a corner with their hand or a squeegee, then pop it with the tip of a knife (or anything sharp). But doing this can stretch the vinyl wrap film and build tension. Sometimes, you will end up with a sharp wrinkle that is tricky to handle.


Two-step solution

There is a two-step solution that can keep you from future problems, which can quickly and safely flatten out the vehicle wrap surface: When a bubble occurs, you can use the soft part of your squeegee to cut it vertically in the center. Doing this will divide the bubble into two parts. You can then add a horizontal cut to make it four parts.


Cut and push

The bubble is now separated into four small ones, which is much easier to handle. You can use your thumb to push them gently and incrementally from the center towards the outside. Fix them one by one. With the air-egress technology, you can get rid of them on the car wrap without pressure.


Same, but not the same

This is essentially the same idea as most wrappers will do, but with a slight difference. Both methods aim to get rid of bubbles by pushing the air out. However, by first dividing a bubble into small parts, you will avoid stressing the vinyl film when pushing, which is much safer.


However, this is a normal case. If you come up across bubbles in strange shapes, they might need a specific technique to fix. You can further your learning at Subscribe and stay tuned for helpful wrap tips.
Fix safely: Don’t push the bubble on vinyl film right away | TeckWrap