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Vinyl wrapping will not always be smooth. There can be different challenges depending on the vehicle. For example, coming across a tight rubber molding with chrome cover on the outside that is based at the bottom of a window.


Vinyl cannot stay well on rubber

This situation can be tricky for many installers. If you want full coverage and cut on the chrome side, the vinyl wrap film will bridge over the rubber underneath, which cannot stay well there due to the low surface energy.


Hard to cut clean

However, if you cut on the door side, trying to avoid this happening, the cut can be jagged because you cannot press hard with your knife because of the tight rubber, or you might cut the body accidentally, or the rubber can get loose from the body.


Don’t worry. Here, we have two smart techniques for color change and full print wrapping that can save you from this frustration. Whichever method you use, do not forget to clean the section thoroughly before application, though.


Color change vinyl film

If you are wrapping for a color change project, you can apply a Design Line or Finish Line knifeless tape to the edge of the rubber (which is between the bottom edge of the chrome and the top edge of the door), making the green line right butt-jointing the rubber.


Leave a gap

Once the Knifeless tape is on, apply the full print wrap as usual. Remember to tuck the material under the molding with your squeegee. The tape will create a gap there whenever the it is released.


Take the chance to level up the finish

Although it comes short of the molding, it ensures the quality of the edge. And it also creates space for you to customize the finish further.


Instead of just changing the car’s color, you can take measurements with a dual cutter, get a precut vinyl stripe, and install it to the gap. For example, you can take a carbon fiber piece, which adds a unique flavor to the overall appearance of the finish.


Full print wrap

For a full print vinyl film installation, the process is the same. But instead of adding fancy stuff to the gap, you can just use a black matte stripe to fill it up, which looks almost like the rubber. With the most part being wrapped in a full print wrap, the stripe will blend in perfectly without any disturbance.


Some might argue that all the problems will be gone if the molding is removed before wrapping. But there is a high chance of bending it, which is costly. Thus, this can be the most straightforward and smartest way to get away. Equip yourself with helpful wrap tips at
Smart way to handle bottom window molding | TeckWrap