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Vinyl film installers need to handle many kinds of materials, including the aggressive type. An aggressive vehicle wrap is usually thicker, stiff, and challenging to handle.


Thin is more conformable but also fragile

Some relatively thinner ones are more conformable, but they are not easy to deal with, either. Even worse, a thin, aggressive car wrap can be easy to tear, especially when you pick it up from the application surface.


Tricky to handle, particularly in recessed and curvy areas

Whether thick or thin, an aggressive vinyl film is challenging to wrap, particularly in recessed or curvy areas with high surface energy. As you pick the vehicle wrap up when applying, it will possibly break.


Key solution: Adjust surface energy

So, the very key to ease your wrapping process is to adjust the surface energy before the application. If you can lower it, at least the vinyl film will not tear whenever you pick it up, and you can install it more smoothly.


Prep with talcum powder

To lower the surface energy in the application area, you can use talcum powder. After thoroughly cleaning the surface, you can put some of it on a paper towel and wipe over the section.


Invisibly helpful

When adding the powder to the surface, you should do it evenly by putting a uniform and thin coat on the area to make it smooth. If you do it correctly, you will not spot any powder after wiping. But the surface energy has been changed completely.


Wrap as usual

As the surface energy is lower, you can apply the vinyl wrap film as usual. Whenever there is a wrinkle or bubble, do not be afraid to pick the material up because it will not tear anymore. You can feel free to work around with no stress.


The method suits any situation when you need to lower surface energy

You can use this trick to reduce the surface energy when you need it. For example, you might need to tack the vehicle wrap to a surface like a window. Since glass has high surface energy, the film will surely tear when you pick it up. In a situation like this, you can also prep the surface with talcum powder.


There are many ways you can adjust the surface energy, whether boosting it or lowering it according to your need. Subscribe at for further learning.
No pressure: Wrap with aggressive vinyl film | TeckWrap