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Squeegeeing is almost the most-needed thing to do when wrapping with a vehicle wrap. It seems easy to do. But there is great knowledge about it.


A wrapper should know to hold the squeegee correctly at a right angle and work with proper pressure to achieve a perfect finish. Making one mistake can lead to a different result, and here is a guideline for you:


Hold it right

Holding a squeegee correctly can help you do the job when working on a vinyl wrap film. You should put your thumb on one side and four fingers on the other.


Hold it as high as possible (do not hold it at its end, though) so you can grab it firmly. By doing this, you can also change direction smoothly when squeegeeing. And it is easier to put the proper pressure on its front in this position.


Do not squeegee until it’s flat

Before squeegeeing, always pick up the car wrap and flatten the material out first. If there is a wrinkle on the film, do not squeegee until it is gone. Always read the material as you squeegee. If you spot coming wrinkles, stop and fix them before continuing squeegeeing.


45-degree overlapping strokes

When squeegeeing, do it at a 45-degree angle. With this angle, you can better read the vinyl film to see if the material will bunch up. And you should use the 3/4 of your squeegee to work the material down during the process, while the rest of the 1/4 overlaps the area that has been set already.


The right amount of pressure

Most vinyl wrap films in the market have the re-positional technology. And you have to press hard with your squeegee to trigger it. Oftentimes, the harder you press the film, the better. Just make sure you hold the squeegee right, though. Otherwise, you might accidentally scratch the material as you press it, especially if it is a sensitive film.


In short, squeegeeing is not a complex technique. But still, it has requirements if you want to achieve a high-quality and durable finish. If you can bear all the tips in mind, you are a giant step closer to success. Visit for more wrap tactics.

Core technique: Squeegeeing | TeckWrap