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Wrapping your car with vinyl film is more cost-effective than painting it. Thus, some people might choose to give their vehicle a second skin with a wrap. However, there are risks in wrapping a damaged car.


Rust will grow!

In typical cases, you should prep the car surface well before applying a vinyl wrap film, which includes cleaning it thoroughly. If there is rust, you must remove it, or it will grow underneath the material, affecting the adhesive and performance of the film.


Do what you can

But if it is a damaged vehicle, you cannot fix all the rust completely. You should explain clearly to the car owner what will happen when a vinyl wrap goes onto this surface:

  • The performance of the film will degenerate.
  • When the car wrap is removed, a bit more paint chips around the rusty area might be pulled off.


If the car owner agrees, you can proceed. Or you should recommend him to get the vehicle repaired first. Your job is to try your best to keep the vinyl wrap film on the surface for as long as possible. But because of the particular condition, indentation of the final finish can appear around the rusty area, which you should inform the car owner beforehand, too.


Prep the damaged surface

It is tricky to let a vinyl wrap film stay well on a damaged area because there can be an open section, paint chips, and rust. However, you should still clean the surface as usual. You might have a better clue about this section after you clean it.


Then, use a paper towel to remove as much rust as possible. If there is any paint chips or open section, you should sand it down and minimize any edges. A scratchless sponge or pad can be a good tool for this. Make sure you will not damage the rest of the body, though.


Use adhesive promoter to help

When these preparations are done, it is time to use the help of an adhesive promoter. This can keep the vinyl wrap film well on the weak area for longer. Run a line on the damaged area with the promoter. You can use an applicator to make the process smooth. When applying, be sure you make an even coat with the adhesive.


Install when it is dry

Once the promoter is on, please wait until it is dry (Usually around 5 to 45 minutes, depending on different products). Do not immediately put the vinyl film onto the wet promoter because it can damage the adhesive of the material.


Make it all the way through

As soon as the promoter is dry, you can apply the vehicle wrap to the area. However, when doing it, you should do it all the way through without picking it up, as paint chips can come off when you pick it up. Don’t forget to seal all edges properly when it is done.


No guarantee

Although the adhesive promoter can help the car wrap hold better on the weak area, there is no guarantee. Still, it is much better than making zero treatment to the surface.


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Wrap damaged vehicle in vinyl film | TeckWrap