Wrapping Back Bumper in Two Pieces for Long-Durability

It is common for the top area of a back bumper to get scratches or even damages due to frequent contacts because of the usage of the trunk. Thus, it is good to wrap a back bumper in two pieces of vinyl wrap film rather than one giant panel. This is not only good for future maintenance of film but also make it easier to wrap.


The goal is to wrap the bumper itself with one panel, while the top area where the trunk touches with a slight overlaying piece of vinyl wrap film on top.


Like every install, to wrap a bumper, you need to do a thorough cleaning first. Make sure the surface is 100% degreased. Then, before applying the film to the bumper itself, put knifeless tape along the contour of the junction between the top area and the bumper.


Put the tape just on the top side. It should be right at the corner, where is about an eighth of an inch away from the bumper side. Be sure it is done steadily and symmetrically.


When the knifeless tape is set in place properly, you can then take the vinyl wrap film and apply it to the bumper. Work it around as usual, and make sure you even out all the tension from all corners. You can then make relief cuts on both upper corners. Pull off the excess material in the middle, and make another relief cut on either side away from the upper corners.


As soon as the cuts are made, you can now lock the material on top of the knifeless tape. It is good to use light heat to relax the material and make as many relief cuts as you need to minimize the tension. Form the film onto the edge between the top section and the bumper then.


When the panel is well wrapped and formed, you can release the knifeless and pull away the excess material on the top area. Remember to pull towards the inside of the trunk when you do it. Seal the edge of the bumper once it is done.


Next, you can take your knifeless tape again, put it along the contour of the break between the two sections, where the string should be precisely on the edge. Make sure you do it patiently as you have to make it 100% symmetrical. Otherwise, you will not be able to hide the overlap.


Then, take another vinyl wrap film and apply it to the top section. By now, this has become much easier to do than wrapping it with one giant piece connected to the bumper. Use your squeegee to work the film around and form it. As soon as it is done, you can release the knifeless tape, remove the excess film, and seal the edge.


By doing this, there is almost no tension at the corner on the top section, which can be a problem when you wrap the back bumper in one piece. You can now achieve a high-quality and long-durability finish in this way.


Even better, when the top section gets damaged and needs maintenance, you can simply replace it with a new piece rather than re-wrap the whole back bumper. So, happy wrapping! Learn more tips about car wraps at teckwrap.com
Wrapping Back Bumper in Two Pieces for Long-Durability