How to Wrap Symmetrically on Recessed Area

For recessed area wrapping, it is common for wrappers to bridge the vinyl wrap film on the flat section over this area. However, it might lead to distortion if you did not form the material into the recessed area with a proper approach.


As you bridge the vinyl wrap film over the recessed area, the edge of the material can become unsymmetrical, where the extent is depending on how deep the area is. And it will distort the film if you continue working in this status.


Here is a good tip for you to avoid this kind of problem. All you need is to prepare a few scrap materials of the vinyl wrap film you are using.


First of all, apply the film to the surface as usual – bridging it over the recessed area that you are handling. Then, take two scrap pieces, which have to be the same kind of film you are using.


Overlaying these pieces onto both the top and the bottom edge of the main material that is going to stay on the vehicle. Secure each scrap on top of the main piece along the edge of the latter. Squeegee the majority of each scrap piece down away from the edge of the main material. You do not have to apply the pieces onto the vehicle completely. Just focus on the edge of the main film that is going to stay.


As soon as this setup is done, apply heat to the whole recessed area to relax the film until all the tension is even out. When the material is ready, put on your application glove, wet it with soap and water. At this point, you can use your hand to form the film into the recessed area as usual: Form the corners first, and deal with the flat section.


When the main film is completely set, you can remove the scrap pieces in the end. Pull them off as close to a 180-degree angle as possible when you do it. This can help minimize the tension of the material that will stay on the vehicle so that you will not accidentally pull it off.


By now, you would have achieved a symmetrical edge on the recessed area in a relatively efficient and simple way. Learn more tips to get a perfect finish at
How to Wrap Symmetrically on Recessed Area