Wrapping around raised object without overstretching vinyl wrap film

Many installers tend to bridge the vinyl wrap film over the gap when it gets to an edge of a section next to a raised object. And they apply heat, then use the squeegee to force the material into the gap and cover the edge. This is common when wrapping around door handles or antennas.


However, by doing this, the vinyl wrap film actually gets distorted and overstretched. Thus, the material will not be able to stay well on the surface for the long term. It is likely going to shrink back in the short term. And the paint can not be fully covered as this happens.


Here is a proper technique to handle this common situation that saves you from all those potential frustrations:


Instead of bridging the vinyl wrap film over the gap, heating and pushing it in, you can first apply the material to the main surface you are wrapping. Then, hold the panel loosely and not let it touch the raised object.


Next, hold the soft part of your squeegee at a 45-degree angle. Use it to glide the vinyl wrap film across the gap. Make sure the vinyl wrap film does not touch the raised object at all. Otherwise, you will be pushing the material.


If the gap is deep, you can barely pick the vinyl wrap film up from the raised object. Then, use the hard part of your squeegee to lightly tuck the material in (Again, when you have to work on it, do not let the film touch the raised object).


The hard part of your squeegee is thin enough for you to tuck the material far. But make sure you do not push too hard as you might cut the material.


By now, there is no tension on the vinyl wrap film. The material is easily tucked into the gap and fully covers the paint. And you are ready to cut away the excess film now.


Cut on the side of the raised object, and remove the excess material. Then, use the hard part of your squeegee to slide across the gap again, and seal the edge down.


In this way, the film is wrapped with no stress without getting overstretched or distorted. So it is promising that the material will stay there with high-quality for the long term.


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Wrapping around raised object without overstretching vinyl wrap film