Cleaning: the first step to successful vinyl wrap job

Cleaning is always undoubtedly the first key to a successful vinyl wrap job. But what exactly should you do to make sure everything is clean thoroughly? Here is a sequence and some relevant details that might be able to inspire you.


Car wash

Before wrapping, it is good to have a basic car wash for the vehicle the day before. Just to get rid of most of the dirt and dust, as well as things like wax. The reason why you need to do it the day before wrapping is because you can have enough time to dry out the car in critical areas in this way.


Clean up the workspace

Before having the vehicle in, you should better sweep around the workspace. A clean working area can prevent you from many problems. Even better, you can mop it after sweeping.


If you do not have the chance to sweep before the vehicle comes, sweep from under the car and work out. Remember, you should never sweep towards the car.


Spray mist

When you remove the backing paper as you are wrapping, there is a static electric charge. This is when fine dust would get onto the adhesive, particularly if you did not mop the floor. Thus, the best thing to do is to spray mist onto the ground and avoid this happening.


Remove hardware

Before thoroughly cleaning the vehicle, you should first remove all hardware because there is plenty of dirt behind them. The removal will help you clean easily. Do NOT clean before the removal. Otherwise, there will be dirt going back to the vehicle. And you will need to clean again.


Deep cleaning

Once all those preparations are done, you can start deep cleaning around the vehicle using paper or microfiber towels and suitable cleaning products. While cleaning, pay extra attention to areas like the space underneath the bumpers, edges, and recessed areas, where dirt can easily build up.


When you finish cleaning, use your finger to go around the surface of the vehicle. Make sure it does not glide smoothly, and you do not feel oily. If it happens, it means the car is not completely clean yet.


As long as the car is 100% clean, you are ready for the install. A clean surface matters to the durability of a vinyl wrap film. So by now, you have already taken the first step to a high-quality finish. Stay confident and get the job done.


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Cleaning: the first step to successful vinyl wrap job