Wrap with chrome without leaving signs like fingerprints

For a sensitive vehicle wrap like chrome, it requires wrappers to pay more attention when installing, as it is easy to scratch or distort the material (Learn more tips about chrome wrapping here).


When it comes to wrapping a section like a roof, it can become challenging to do well and keep the material perfectly undamaged, as you only have so much extra material on the front and the back that you can work around.


And it is tricky to control when you pull. If you do it too hard, the chrome wrap will tend to whiten or wrinkle, and unnecessary tension will appear.


But here is a quick tip to help you pull it easily and avoid leaving signs on the chrome vinyl during the application, especially in this case.


Before wrapping, prepare a few pre-masked lamination strips. They can be low-tack as long as they are strong and firm enough to hold the chrome. Put the wrap film on a working table, and apply those strips to its four sides.


When the lamination is set, you can take the panel to the vehicle and install it in a standard way. The best thing is that you can pull with the lamination instead of grabbing the chrome surface now. So there will be no fingerprints or other signs left on the material.


Once you finish wrapping one side, remove the lamination strip there. Do not leave the strip to stay on the film or the surface too long because there is high surface energy.


Your installation will become more flexible by putting lamination strips on the four sides of a chrome wrap film. And you can pull the material as you conform with no stress.


Simple trick, but a great help! Feel free to try this out on your next application. Learn more wrap tips at teckwrap.com

Wrap with chrome without leaving signs like fingerprints