Handling embossment on vinyl wrap film

Apart from applying a textured vinyl film, there is another way to create a personalized 3D look on your car wrap, which is to make embossments. They can be a customized graphic design or text.


Embossing a vehicle wrap can greatly attract attention and make you stand out on the road. Whether for being a unique head-turner or advertisement, installing embossments on your film is an excellent way.


To start with, you will need to have your embossing piece ready first. Do not forget to pre-mask it – It is good to have a transparent pre-mask to see clearly where it should sit on the vehicle.


As for the material you should use for the embossing piece, it is best to use one with a gloss surface, as its surface energy is high so that it can stick better (You can learn more about surface energy here).


Also, choose a material that is thick enough. When you apply the main vehicle wrap on the surface, the piece will stand out with a strong visual impact in this way. If the embossing piece is too thin, it will be less impactive.


Apply the piece as you install any other vinyl wrap film. Make sure it is secured and set tight on the surface. And you can pull off the pre-mask. Don’t forget to pull as close to the surface as possible.


If you pull with the pre-mask from a high angle or do it too quickly, there is a high chance that the embossment will lift. So take your time to do it.


Then, wrap the section with the main car wrap on top. Set a temporary hinge at the top of the embossing area. Apply light heat to relax the film and start working around.


You can use a roller or other relevant tool to squeegee the vinyl wrap around there. Squeegee towards the edge of the embossed area as you do it. Make sure all the air is pushing out, and all the edges are perfectly set tight as you do it. Otherwise, there might be bubbles. And it will affect the wrap’s performance as well.


You will achieve a very cool-looking customized finish as soon as you finish. Equip yourself with more wrap skills at teckwrap.com

Handling embossment on vinyl wrap film