Why Gloss Vinyl Film Might be the Easiest to Apply


Comparing to other types of vinyl wrap films, to some wrappers, gloss wrap film might be the easiest to wrap. Not sure why? Let’s have a look!



Gloss vinyl wrap film is considered a standard kind of wrap film. It can be either one layer of color with a lamination film, or two layers in one color.


It is non-directional, so wrappers do not need to mark down the direction or check the logo of the liner every time when he applies. However you put the panels on, the hue will match anyway. Thus, at this point, gloss vinyl wrap film is already not as risky as some of the other types of films.


Standard Technique of Squeegee

When you squeegee a gloss wrap film, there is nothing difficult either. Using the standard technique with overlapping stroke at a 45-degree angle will help handle the film well.


No Prep Needed

If you have to make overlap or put overlaying film, like strip onto a gloss wrap film, it is also quite convenient. As the surface energy of gloss film is high, you will not need to prep it before doing the overlaying.


Self-Heal Scratches and Wrinkles

In case of light scratches or wrinkles occur on the surface during or after the install, they can be easily self-healed with heat as well. As soon as the memory effect is triggered by heat, scratches will be gone, and the wrinkles will flatten out.


Be Confident to Stretch

If a gloss wrap film gets stretched during the install, its hue and color will often barely change. To some extent, it might give wrappers more confidence to do what they want during the install. When you accidentally overstretch the film, you can also trigger the memory effect, letting the film go back to the original shape, and apply again.


Standard Method for Post-Production

Either relief cut or post heat, there is nothing tricky either. Using the standard method for both will be fine.


Easy to Maintain

Gloss vinyl is a type of film that can be applied with any kind of aftercare product, including general cleaner and ceramic coating. Most of those products you can find are acceptable.


Are you tempted to give it a try? Check out more gloss wrap film here and add your favorite color to the cart. Happy wrapping!

Why Gloss Vinyl Film Might be the Easiest to Apply