Be Aware NOT to Mistaken This Vinyl for Gloss Wrap Film


There is a kind of vinyl wrap film that looks very much like a gloss wrap film. However, it is quite distinctive in a way – That is pearlescent wrap film. If you mistook it and wrap with it as you wrap with a gloss film, it would very possibly lead to a re-do.


Thus, here is some information that you need to know about pearlescent wrap film, which will prevent you from failures out of this mistake.


Standard Type of Vinyl Film

Pearlescent wrap film is considered a standard type of film. So it is made of two layers of color, or sometimes one layer of color plus a lamination.



As mentioned, a pearlescent vinyl film looks very much like a gloss film. But the very difference is that gloss film is not directional and can be applied in any direction with no risk. However, a pearlescent wrap film is directional.


And the difference of each panel can be tricky to see during the install. Thus, it is important that the wrapper should mark down a uniformed direction on the liner of each panel before applying.


Standard Squeegee Skill

When the wrapper applies a panel, it is ok to use either a soft or medium squeegee to handle – Just be sure you use a brand-new buffer to ensure a high-quality finish.


And when it comes to squeegeeing, there is nothing challenging. Using standard overlapping squeegeeing stroke is enough to lead to the best result.


100% Self-Heal

In case of wrinkles and light scratches occur during the install, you can apply heat and let the vinyl wrap film self-heal. As the pearlescent film is a standard kind, it will 100% self-heal. You can use either a propane torch or heat gun to heat it, and re-apply it afterward.


High Surface Energy

This is very much like gloss wrap film as well. Pearlescent wrap film has high surface energy. Thus, if you need to do an overlaying piece on it, you do not have to prep the pearlescent film on the base.


Standard Stretching Technique

When you stretch a pearlescent wrap film, you can use the standard heat-and-pull technique.


At some point, you might accidentally overstretch it (But it is kind of hard to tell because all you would see is a slight color shifting on the finish, the gloss will stay the same). If this occurs, you can heat the film and trigger the memory effect. The wrap will then self-heal and you can re-apply again.



Generally, it is not so challenging to handle a pearlescent wrap film. But there are facts that wrappers should bear in mind so that they can achieve the best result. Hopefully, this article has given you some inspiration. Happy wrapping!

Be Aware NOT to Mistaken This Vinyl for Gloss Wrap Film