Sometimes knifeless tape is better than precut vinyl | TeckWrap

When it comes to striping, some installers like to wrap with plotted or precut vinyl wrap pieces because it seems convenient. But this actually makes the process more challenging, particularly when the application surface is curvy, for example, a hood or a trunk.


Tension will get in the way

As you apply a precut piece directly to the surface, you will see the vinyl wrap film bunching up immediately when it gets to the curve, as there is tension. You will find it feeding to the middle and crossing the center point by continuing wrapping.


Hard to stay straight

Thus, in the end, it will not be straight as you planned. Unless you make a relief cut. And it might stay straight as the material gets changed to feed to the sides.


You can try your best to hold the vinyl piece straight and squeegee towards the side to shift the tension out. But the stress builds up on the side because there is a curve. You might think about relaxing it with heat, but consider how much the tension is, you might ruin the finish if you use vinyl like matte wrap film.


Knifeless tape makes it easier

With all these hassles, a knifeless tape can be a much easier option. Set it the way you want, and you can apply a scrap vinyl piece to the surface and make that stripe. When the wrap film is secured, release the tape, and there you have it.


A precut stripe is straightforward for a flat surface. But things will become complicated if you put it on a curvy section. If you own a plotter and create plotted stripes on your own, you know how time-consuming the process is, not to mention you will have to deal with the application problem of the piece not being straight.


Thus, when in this situation, using knifeless tape can be a much more energy-saving choice. No more pressure on keeping a straight line. Happy wrapping! Learn more about wraps at

Sometimes knifeless tape is better than precut vinyl | TeckWrap