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When styling a car, the hood is a section where you can have many possibilities to be creative with vinyl wrap film. But frequently, specific designs require you to find the center point on the hood and get the perfect visual effect.


In this case, do not merely rely on the emblem at the front, as some manufacturers will put emblems slightly away from the center point. How can you tell where the center is in this situation? Here is a way:


Mark with masking tape

Take a roll of wide masking tape, start from the top, tack it on one side of the hood, and pull it horizontally across it to the other side. Make the tape symmetrical. When it is done, the top edge of the tape should touch the scoop in the middle. Then, secure it on the surface. And put another layer of tape on top to ensure it is thick enough.


As soon as the top part is marked with the tape, you can mark the bottom in the same way. If it is a vehicle like Audi where the emblem is set on the hood, you can take advantage of it: Run your masking tape along the logo horizontally to both sides. Again, make sure you do it symmetrically. Then, put another layer on top once you secure the tape.


Line up the mark

Now that the top and bottom tapes are set, you can use a marker to draw the body line of the side on the masking tape. You only need to do this on one side. Once you have the mark, flip this tape over to its halfway, and line the mark up with the edge of the hood on the other side.


In this way, you find the center point for the bottom part. You can repeat the same process with the other masking tape and find the middle spot at the top. By now, you have two reference points. Remove the two tapes and run a new one vertically along those points, and you have your center line.


Whatever design you have in your mind, you should have a good start now. Learn more wrap tips at teckwrap.com

Locating a vinyl wrap stripe in the center | TeckWrap