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For film wrapping, a curvy mirror is always a challenging section to handle. Here are the tips for wrapping such a mirror on a Porsche using an untrimmed piece of paint protection film. Through this example, you might have a better understanding of stretching the PPF safely and cutting clean to ensure a high-quality finish.


Prep the mirror

Before application, always make sure you clean and degrease the mirror thoroughly. In terms of solution, for a curvy section like this, use a tack solution instead of a slip one. Or you will possibly get fingers on the material.


Set the film

Apply the paint protection film to the mirror by setting it up with no wrinkles. As always, focus on the most difficult part, the back side of the mirror first. Use your squeegee to secure it. And you can then create a permanent hinge on the back, which will help you pull safely and correctly.


Get going

Pick the material up on the main surface again once the piece is locked from the back side. And you can spray the tack solution to the surface again. Then, use firm hands to pull the paint protection film evenly with the triangle technique and hook it to the mirror.


By doing this, the film is set down clean and uniform. The main surface is flat. There is still tension, though. Squeegee in the middle from top to bottom to spread the stress out. When getting to the bottom, you can pick the material back up a little bit and spray more solution over the surface. And hook the film down properly.


Steam can be helpful

As soon as everything is set in place, you can go over the mirror with steam, warming up the adhesive and further securing it. Wipe the film down with a microfiber towel with just enough pressure when the material cools down.


Time to cut

To ensure a clean and straight cut, you can run a masking tape along the edge of the mirror (depending on how you want to cut it, some installers might want to make it shorter). Do not forget to sharpen your blade before cutting. And you can cut lightly without worrying about damaging the paint.



The post-installation for PPF is mainly about drying. It is vital to dry out the section. Use a heat gun with low setting to dry the edge and cool it down, which ensures long durability.


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PPF install: Curvy mirror|TeckWrap