Pearlescent vinyl: key facts that might save your day|TeckWrap

A pearlescent vinyl wrap is a material with many shared characteristics like gloss film, but some differences can lead to another approach. Here are some key facts about it that might give you an idea of how you should handle it.


A pearlescent finish is a material that is made with two layers of colors or one layer of color that comes with lamination. And it is a standard type of vehicle wrap, so it can be treated with common methods in some aspects. But still, there are things you should pay attention to.



A pearlescent vinyl looks very much like a gloss wrap film. But unlike a gloss finish, a pearlescent film is directional. Thus, it is essential to ensure all pieces are uniform when installing.



It is okay to use a soft or medium-hard squeegee during application for a standard vehicle wrap like pearlescent film. However, the buffer you use should be brand-new, and it can be either dry or wet. But for every installation, it has to be a new one, which can help you achieve a high-quality finish more easily.


When squeegeeing, there is nothing much to worry about. You can approach with overlapping squeegeeing strokes, a common and standard way for most materials.


High surface energy

If you are thinking about creating overlays on top of a pearlescent wrap, you can feel free to do it straight away without prepping. A pearlescent film has high surface energy like gloss film, so any material can stay well on it.


Self-heal with heat

Wrinkles or micro scratches might turn up when wrapping with a pearlescent vehicle wrap. Or you might accidentally overstretch the material. In these cases, you can pick the material up and apply heat, which will self-heal. A propane torch or heat gun is suitable with the right approach.


Bear these facts in mind, and it might save your day when you encounter trouble wrapping with pearlescent material. Keep learning about wrapping at

Pearlescent vinyl: key facts that might save your day|TeckWrap