Facts You Must Know about Matte Vinyl Wrap Film

Among all those vinyl wrap films in the market, matte film has long been one of the favorite types for wrap lovers. And since it is so popular, the chance of wrappers asked to wrap with matte vinyl film is usually high. Thus, knowing well about the property of matte film can certainly benefit you in many different ways.


Here are some crucial facts about matte vinyl film that a wrapper must know:



Matte wrap film is a standard type of vinyl wrap film. It is not directional, which means it is easy to apply to some extent, because no matter whichever way you put on the vehicle, the color and the hue of the vinyl wrap film will stay uniform.


Sensitive Surface

Matte wrap film is rather sensitive. It will scratch if you are not cautious enough. Thus, a soft squeegee is a must for matte film install, as it has an edge that can flex which will prevent you from scratching the film. Also, when squeegee, remember to keep your squeegee at a low and flat angle. Otherwise you will scratch the film very easily.


Self-Heal Scratches and Wrinkles

Scratches and wrinkles might occur anyway, even though you have been very careful and patient. For some scratches, they can self-heal, others not. It depends on the depth of the scratches, as well as the brand of your film, because some manufactures produce films with a softer surface.


While there are wrinkles, you can pick the material back up and apply it with a little bit of heat to trigger the memory effect. As soon as the wrinkles self-heal, you can re-apply it to the section again. (Be sure that you should not use propane torch when heating, as it will possibly gloss the matte finish. The matte wrap film will not self-heal under this situation.)


Handling Overstretch

If you accidentally overstretch the matte vinyl film, you can also pick the material back up and use light heat on it. By doing this, the memory effect will be triggered, and the film will go back to its original shape and hue, so you can then re-apply again. (However, this does not apply if the film is overstretched because of glossing out of propane torch as mentioned above. And you will have to use a new panel in this case.)


Low Surface Energy

Matte wrap film has low surface energy. Thus, if a wrapper has to do inlays or overlays with matte film, the surface must be well prepped beforehand. In order to do this, one of the best ways is to clean the base layer with a degreaser. Apply the top layer when the base one is dry. Doing this will certainly boost up the long term durability of the film.



As mentioned above, matte film is very sensitive, which means aftercare is especially important for film like this. All types of products can be used for this purpose. However, there is one thing you should pay attention to: If you need to use ceramic coating, make sure you use the right one because otherwise it will gloss or change the color of the film.


Above is a brief overview of matte vinyl wrap film. Hopefully it gives you an insight into this popular film and helps you achieve a better finish. Happy wrapping!

Facts You Must Know about Matte Vinyl Wrap Film