Proper work sequence for vinyl film wrapping

It is always essential to have a sequential order and the right logic when doing a vinyl wrap job. Both can provide you with a faster workflow with a higher quality result. Here are some tips for you in this matter:


To wrap a vehicle with vinyl wrap film, the first thing to do is cleaning. This is the first stage for your application, where your priority is to get the whole surface clean thoroughly.


You can use relevant products to achieve this goal, ensuring the surface is ready and smooth enough for the install. Pay extra attention to all the edges. Then, do not forget to degrease it, which is the last step you should do at this stage.


Once cleaning is properly done, you can get to the next stage – application. Before doing this, you should think ahead about the property of the vinyl wrap film. Is it directional? Does it have high surface energy?...


For different properties, there are relevant install methods and tools for the best result. Thus, every answer to these questions can lead to a different technique when applying this vinyl wrap film.


Also, you should read the sections of the vehicle before putting the material on the surface, as there might be critical areas that you cannot use a standard method to apply the vinyl wrap film. Or there might be places you want to make an overlay, and you better know if you can take advantage of the body line.


As soon as you think and plan, knowing exactly what to do, you can choose the right squeegee and knife and start wrapping. There is a rule of thumb for whatever material you are applying: the material should go flat and relax eventually.


When you finish applying, do not neglect post-production. Double-check if all edges are sealed, and post-heat the vinyl wrap film. For certain types of materials, wipe the finish over with aftercare products.


By following these steps and logic in your head, you would have a clear mind in terms of the whole wrap job. You can be highly focused. The install can become smooth and efficient in this way.


The best thing is you would achieve a high-quality finish with long durability because you are this goal-oriented. These might not be huge compared to those professional techniques introduced in wrap installs. However, it is often the detail that makes a successful finish.


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Proper work sequence for vinyl film wrapping